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Get high production without high pressure

Yes! You can do it. You can produce without pressure. You can close a sale without pressure.

How? Let me tell you how I first began to learn my “Savage Sales Secrets” 49 years ago, in 1960.

My sales manager was Ted Welch. He opened up a fascinating new world for me when I was a sophomore in college. I worked my way through college selling books door-to-door. Ted was low-keyed with me as a manager. He got me to produce without pressuring me. He showed me how to sell a huge volume without pressuring my customers.

The Southwestern Company of Nashville, Tennessee helps college students manage their own sales business during their summer break. We attended a five-day sales school in Nashville. We then relocated to another community in another state, to foster independence and limit distractions. My first summer was in Columbus, Mississippi. My family was from Michigan. This was my first adventure in the Deep South. It was the greatest adventure of my young life.

After two days of knocking on doors by myself, Ted came to see me. That is when I learned my first Savage Sales Secrets principle. You, the sales manager, must get in the trenches and visit your customers with your sales people. A Savage Sales Manager does not sit in the office all the time. He or she gets out – often – and gets on the front lines with the troops.

There is nothing harder than door-to-door sales, but Ted made it fun. He also made it profitable. I spent five summers selling books and six summers in college, until I got my MBA at Michigan State University. I learned more in those five summers of selling than I did in six years of school. I also graduated with money in the bank, stocks and a car, whereas most of my classmates were deeply in debt.

In next month’s newsletter, I will tell you about the soft approach, the soft presentation and the soft close that I learned from Ted Welch 49 years ago.


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