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Choice of "yes" or "yes"

You should always give people a choice of "yes" or "yes." This is one of the best ways for you to teach your salespeople how to close a sale without pressure.

Men's suit

I was buying a suit at Louis Boston, one of the finest and most unique men's clothing stores in America. I wanted a Giorgio Armani suit and was disappointed to find out they did not carry Armani clothing. However, I was open-minded to anything Italian. They had over a dozen Italian brands, plus some gorgeous Brioni ties. I was planning to spend $2,500 to $3,000 on a suit. The salesperson asked me about my business. I told him I was a public speaker and consultant. "Yes!" he said. "I have several good choices for you."

He knew my budget was in the $2,500 to $3,000 range, so he showed me a couple of suits in that range. They were beautiful. But then he pulled out a rich-looking fabric, an elegant suit crafted by Gianluca Isaia Napoli. I had not heard of the brand, but felt the material, caressed the material and immediately wanted it. Let me modify that. I wanted it badly. The salesperson said, "You would look fantastic in this suit when you give a speech."

How much?" I asked.


I gulped. I stared longingly at the extraordinary cloth, first-rate construction, workmanship, style and fit. There it was: my choice of "yeses." I chose the $4,300 suit. But if that had been my ONLY choice, I would have walked out of the store.

  • Irony: After all that, I did a Guerrilla Marketing seminar in Dubai with Jay Levinson and wore an $18 "guerrilla" camouflage T-Shirt with my $4,300 suit!


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