www.stevesavage.com ι September 2009

It is troubling and un-American for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to be harassing US employers who are providing services for their customers.  Let’s get back to the simple laws of supply and demand.  There are employers who need workers to fulfill jobs such as landscaping, farming and construction.  The employers cannot find US citizens to fill these jobs.  There are Mexicans who are eager and willing to fill these jobs.  There are Americans who want these services. 

Our government is squashing the forces that formed our national character.  We are a nation of immigrants.  Let us not shut the doors.  Let’s make it simple.  How about a nine-month worker’s visa?  A US company posts a job offer.  No American applies.  The offer is then available to anyone.  The Mexican (or any other national) comes to the USA for nine months, legal and welcome.  He or she goes back for three months.  After five years of coming back and forth, he or she is eligible to apply for US citizenship.  The applicant must speak English.  What is so difficult about that?

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